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About the company

Beauty School DeCristal invites you to a professional make-up courses , manicure and pedicure ! Upon completion of the diploma Ukrainian and international samples of job opportunities both in domestic and overseas salons !

Training is provided by the schedule convenient for you . We provide models and materials required. All school pupils permanent discounts on the purchase of materials!

Only we study conducted by the most convenient schedule for you - the opportunity to study on weekdays after 18 hours and on weekends!
We provide models and materials required. All school pupils permanent discounts on the purchase of materials!

Tutor - master with many years of experience and personal attention to each student ! We guarantee quality training at a professional level, loyal prices , pleasant atmosphere and ongoing consulting support for the courses . You can always call or visit us and get valuable free information on questions that you have in the process


The list of courses nihtevoyi aesthetics and make-up:
- Course Art Painting (1-2 level), 22 classes 600hrn
- Course Working with gel varnish, 2 days 300uah
- Course Manicure 10 sessions, 700hrn
- Course Hardware manicure, 10 classes, 700hrn
- Course Pedicure, 8 classes, 750hrn
- Course Capacity Gel Nail , 10 classes, 1300hrn
- Course Arched nail design (training for increasing gel) 7zanyat, 1300hrn

- Course Universal (of course nihtevoyi aesthetics), 44 lessons, 2650hrn
- Course Universal Plus (the rate of manicure and pedicure)
52 classes 3300hrn
- Course Salon expert (the rate of manicure, pedicure and wax hair removal), 58 lessons, 3600hrn

- Course Chinese Painting (1riven), 2 days 450uah
- Course Chinese Painting (2riven), 2 days 450uah
- Course Gel increasing toenails, 6 classes, 800hrn
- Course Working with gel polish on my feet, 1 day 300uah

- Course Waxing (all zones), 1 day, 400uah
- Course Shuharynh (epilation all zones), 1 day, 750hrn

- Course Professional Makeup, 20 classes, 1950hrn
- Course Samomakiyazh, 8 classes, 800hrn
- Course Capacity Eyelash perming and 1 day 450uah,
- Courses Expert increasing volume and eyelash perm, 3 days: classic, 2D and 3D and waving, 1100hrn,
- Course training (face and body art), 10 lessons, 1500hrn

- Seminar Correction eyebrows. Selection of the correct form, depending on the type of face. Care eyebrows. Painting of eyebrows and eyelashes.
- Seminar with make-up wedding experts (testing three types of make-up): Wedding makeup for the bride (watercolor technique) Evening makeup for my friend (pencil technique cats eye), age makeup for mother of the bride (pencil technique).
- Seminar on Chinese Painting Level 1 and Level 2
- Overview Seminar Hardware cleaning. A detailed review of all types of attachments
- Seminar Fabulous flowers (flowers watercolor second and third level of complexity of the technique of acrylic sculpture).
- Seminar Magic floristry gel lacquer (color scheme 2-3 difficulty levels gel made of watercolor paints).
- Seminar on Current trends and designs (work with gel colors, gold casting, rare stones and iridescent velvet jacket, mosaic designs, etc.)
- Seminar The elegance of lines and abstraction (workshop, working about 10 designs!)
- Seminar Modern designs gel lacquer, Richelieu, owl, deepening the rose marble, wet drops, design style Nude, kruzhevnyy, kapronnyy, hameleonnyy using glitter, national.

- Seminar on practicing chiropody, ingrown nail (Onihokryptoz) and Hyperkeratosis (work with cracks).

List of services:
- Edging or hardware manicure and pedicure
- Overhead nails
- Coverage gel lacquer
- Art and Chinese painting nails
- Waxing
- Biological waving of eyelashes
- Capacity eyelashes
- Flip increasing eyelash: 2D, 3D
- Make-up:
* Evening Makeup
* Wedding Makeup