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About the company

<b>School Beauty DeCristal</b> invites to professional courses make-up, manicure and pedicure! After the diploma Ukrainian international standard and with the possibility of employment both in domestic and foreign stores!

Training is conducted on schedule convenient for you. We provide models and necessary materials. All school pupils permanent discounts for the purchase of materials!

Trainers - masters with years of experience and individual approach to each student; We guarantee quality education at the professional level, loyal prices, pleasant atmosphere and ongoing consulting support on completion rates. You can always call or visit us and get valuable free information about questions that you have in the process.


List of courses on nail aesthetics and visage:
- Course Art Painting (1-2 level), 22 classes, 800 UAH;
- Course Gel-lacquer expert, 8 classes, 800 UAH;
- Course Modern Manicure, 15 lessons, 1700 UAH;
- Course Hardware Manicure, 7 lessons, 1000 UAH;
- The course Pedicure, 8 lessons, 1150 UAH .;
- Course Gelive Nail Acne, 10 lessons, 1600 UAH;
- Course Archetycheskoe modeling nails (upgrading skills for gel plating), 7 classes, 2500 UAH;
- Course Universal (course on nail aesthetics), 47 classes, 3500 UAH;
- Course Universal Plus (course on manicure and pedicure), 55 classes, 4500 UAH;
- Course Salon Expert (course on manicure, pedicure and wax epilation), 60 classes, 4900 UAH;
- Course Gel nail extensions, 6 lessons, 1000 UAH;
- Course Working with gel-lacquer on the legs, 1 day, 500 UAH;
- Course Wax epilation (all zones), 1 day, 650 UAH;
- Course Shugaring (epilation of all zones), 1 day, 750 UAH;
- Course Make-up expert (basic course of make-up and extension of eyelashes), 13 classes, 3200 UAH;
- Professional Make-up Course, 15 classes, 2800 UAH;
- Course Self-makeup, 6 lessons, 1500 UAH;
- The course Enlightenment Vii and Chemical Waving, 1 day, 650 UAH;
- Courses Expert on volume extension of eyelashes and chemical waves, 3 days: classic, 2D and 3D and curling, 1800 UAH;
- Course Laminating eyelashes, 1 day, 700 UAH;
- Course Lamination and botox eyelashes, 1 day, 800 UAH;
- Seminar Chinese Nail Painting (level 1) (2 days) - 650 UAH. At the course of the Chinese painting on the level 1 level, a bonus seminar with a discount Different techniques of Chinese painting for various designs: fruits, butterflies, animals, lace, landscape, architecture. Cost 200 UAH .;
- Seminar Chinese Nail Painting (2nd level) (2 days) - 650 UAH;
- Seminar Correction of eyebrows. Selection of the correct form depending on the type of face. Eyebrow care. Painting eyebrows and eyelash paint . Duration-4..5 hours. Workout on 3 models. Cost - 350 UAH;
- Seminar Correction of eyebrows. Selection of the correct form depending on the type of face. Eyebrow care. Painting eyebrows and eyelash paint. Features of working with henna. Coloring of henna . Duration 1 day. Cost - UAH 500;
- Seminar Commercial Designs by Gel Polishes (2-3 level) (all best and most popular techniques in one course): wet technology, contouring equipment, molding, textured painting, monogram, velvet and stencil flowers, hamburger, work with : liquid mica, pigments, glitter, acrylic powder, chrome mirror powder; smoke effect, sweater effect (velvet effect), marmalade technique, deepening rose, marble, caprone. Seminar with working out, 1 day, 500 UAH. Issued a diploma;
- Seminar Elegance of lines and abstraction (practical workshop, working out about 10 designs!). Duration 1 day. Price 450 hryvnas .;
- Seminar Magic floristics with gel-varnishes (Schemes of flowers 2-3 levels of complexity are made by watercolor gel-varnishes). Duration 2 days. Cost: 750 UAH. ;
- Workshop Fairy Flowers (watercolor flowers of the second and third level of complexity with acrylic technique) . Duration 2 days. Cost 800 UAH.

List of services:
- Cutting or hardware manicure and pedicure;
- False nails;
- Coating with gel-lacquer;
- Artistic and Chinese painting of nails;
- Waxing epilation;
- Biological curls of eyelashes;
- Eyelash extension
- Volume growth of eyelashes: 2D, 3D;
- Visage:
* evening makeup;
* wedding makeup.